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September 20, 2015
The Next Food Network Star

For years now my best friend Loretta has sent me odd kitchen tools as a sort of funny game. The tools always come in the mail, carefully wrapped but lacking all of the original packaging that might identify the gadget. This has become an ongoing guessing game. I now have some of the world’s craziest gadgets in my kitchen drawer. I always wonder who exactly thinks up these things, as if there were an actual market for some of them. Some probably garner some interest and become staples but I do believe that most of things I have accumulated probably lasted only a very short time on the gourmet kitchen market.

We’ve certainly had some laughs through the years. The purpose for some of these tools has long since been lost to the recesses of my somewhat foggy memory, but others I’ve used, typically with a chuckle of remembrance about the day it arrived in its nondescript mailing envelope. I am not sure where Loretta has located all of these items and I must confess that I’ve never found one myself in my search for an item that would be equally confounding to her. But each one has a story that gets more colorful in the telling.

The latest acquisition was in the form of a “house warming” gift. Again, it arrived via the mail in a plain padded envelope devoid of any clues that might give me an inkling as to what chore it might simplify. It was green, it looked like a shoe horn and I had absolutely no clue. I finally sent a text to Loretta, to which she replied with a photo of the wrapper and its corresponding instructions for use. Here is a gadget I (oddly enough) do not yet possess!

I asked her who invents these things and when would I ever use it, to which she replied, “if you do, I have to see a video of that!”

So. . . Loretta, this video is dedicated to you, my best and craziest friend ever. I bet you thought I would never make this! You must excuse the laughing because honestly, it is difficult to keep a straight face while using the “greatest invention ever.”

I am thinking about a new career on the Food Network!! Haha.

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Lynn Jardinico is an talented writer whose unique life perspective gives her fuel to write with hard biting realism and just the right blend of tongue in cheek humor. She covers subjects as diverse as technical roofing industry articles, and open and honest articles on Faith, Family & Americanism that are sure to delight your senses.

September 29, 2015

Well…. if I had know you would do videos of the gadgets I send you I would have asked years ago because Steve and I laughed and laughed at the tutorial of the green been slicer. I have spent countless hours in kitchen stores all over the country looking for things to stump you with. I am proud that the green shoe horn did the job. I often wonder when I look at these things …….. who needs this I have a knife and then I think of you and I smile thinking of you when you open it. The problem now is I can’t remember what I have sent you in the past, I should have kept a photo diary of kitchen gadgets I have sent to Lynn. So now my little game serves two purposes, one it helps me exercise my old brain (did I already send her this….. or not?), the other of course is to drive you nuts for just a few minutes. The game continues…………….

Lynn Jardinico
September 29, 2015

Stand by for more videos! I have years of gadgets with which to choose. I am not sure I remember all of them but I am digging in my drawer as we speak. Game on !!

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