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Sustainability in Roofing Materials
August 6, 2015

Even if you are on the fence about the whole global warming climate change brouhaha, there are still great reasons to consider the issue of sustainability in specifying roofing materials. Here are some things to consider: Energy Efficiency = Money Savings

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Wind Speed Versus Wind Load Design
August 4, 2015

So much confusion surrounds wind speed when designing a roof system. Designers ask for and specify a particular wind “speed” which will ultimately be the wind speed at which a roofing material manufacturer will warrant the roof assembly. The problem arises because designing for “wind speed” rather than a wind load design means the requirements for roof assembly attachment are very different.

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Cost Effective Roofing Options
May 7, 2015

As you can see, the tightening economy combined with shrinking commercial property values and dropping lease rates means cost effective roofing options are critical. On a more serious note, following is an article I wrote a few years ago for Independent Roofing Consultants.

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