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The Next Food Network Star
September 20, 2015

For years now my best friend Loretta has sent me odd kitchen tools as a sort of funny game. The tools always come in the mail, carefully wrapped but lacking all of the original packaging that might identify the gadget. This has become an ongoing guessing game. I now have some of the world’s craziest gadgets in my kitchen drawer. I always wonder who exactly thinks up these things, as if there were an actual market for some of them.

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Sustainability in Roofing Materials
August 6, 2015

Even if you are on the fence about the whole global warming climate change brouhaha, there are still great reasons to consider the issue of sustainability in specifying roofing materials. Here are some things to consider: Energy Efficiency = Money Savings

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What “Old Glory” means to me

Today I contemplated the flag; not just any flag – the American Flag. As the full sized stars and stripes fluttered on the early evening breeze in our backyard, I considered just what “Old Glory” means to me.

I remember learning the Pledge of Allegiance early on in grade school. We always said the Pledge and then we sang America the Beautiful. Every kid in school knew all of the words to both and although early on we had no idea what “allegiance” meant or why we were singing about a “fruited plain,” we all eventually figured it out.

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Wind Speed Versus Wind Load Design
August 4, 2015

So much confusion surrounds wind speed when designing a roof system. Designers ask for and specify a particular wind “speed” which will ultimately be the wind speed at which a roofing material manufacturer will warrant the roof assembly. The problem arises because designing for “wind speed” rather than a wind load design means the requirements for roof assembly attachment are very different.

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Testing the limits of my endurance
July 4, 2015

One of the recent events to which Michael and I went was the homecoming celebration of the 216th Engineering Battalion, an Army National Guard unit returning from a deployment to Afghanistan. They were gone for 338 days, as one family member’s sign indicated. This was a unit of which our organization, Gold Star Dads of America, sponsored 10 families for Christmas.

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Cost Effective Roofing Options
May 7, 2015

As you can see, the tightening economy combined with shrinking commercial property values and dropping lease rates means cost effective roofing options are critical. On a more serious note, following is an article I wrote a few years ago for Independent Roofing Consultants.

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Be All That You Can Be

Although some jobs in life may seem small or unimportant in society’s eyes, all of God’s choices for us are the best choices because they are purposefully given.

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